Taking a Break

Well, the Illini didn’t end up hiring my guy Kevin Keatts, but I think they got a good one in Brad Underwood. I’ve never been a fan of Bob Huggins since his Cincinnati teams seemed to straddle that line between playing hard and playing dirty, but I was impressed with Frank Martin’s run with South Carolina in the tournament. If Underwood can blend those guys’ toughness and coaching chops with a more personable manner, I’m all in favor. Next season I’ll be looking for Illinois to back up all that “tough” talk of years past with in-your-face defense and attacking offense. Should be fun!

Thanks for hanging with me through most of the Illini basketball season! Sorry to drop out right at the end, but life happened and my attention was required elsewhere. Speaking of attention, I’ve got some other projects going right now that I need to prioritize, but I will try to check in here occasionally to empty my head of sports talk!

Go Cubs!

One thought on “Taking a Break

  1. I’m with you on Underwood. In fact, the more research I did on him the more I got pumped about this hire. If he can recruit he will succeed greatly. I wrote an article on this recently too. Thanks and Go Sox!


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